Ruark Audio R7 Audio System

Ruark Audio R7 Audio System

by Yoav
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Inspired by 60’s contemporary design, the R7 is Ruark Audio's latest iconic piece. With stunning looks and amazing audio quality, it’s a revolutionary music centre in the true spirit of the classic radiogram, which they believe will reignite people’s passion for music and radio.

To create the R7’s magnificent sound they used the lessons learned from their long ‘High-End’ audio background. The fine furniture cabinet has been painstakingly tuned and chambered to provide the ideal low colouration housing for their drive units and electronics. For optimal stereo performance they developed new dual concentric drivers with the tweeter mounted centrally in the bass-mid unit. This configuration with their bespoke crossovers allows for a wide and smooth frequency response, both on and off axis.

Ruark Audio's long throw subwoofer unit has a powerful magnet system and provides clean tuneful bass with remarkable depth and authority. Powering the system are their own high-fidelity Class A-B linear amplifiers with high capacity power supply.

The end result is a music system that defies expectation and like radiograms of old they believe that the R7 is a product which you, your family and friends will enjoy for many years to come…

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