Haute Horlogerie 4N Wrist Watch

Haute Horlogerie 4N Wrist Watch

by Yoav
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The watch brand 4N is presenting a watchmaking intricacy which is completely original and innovative. It highlights the unique assets that define the brand 4N, marked by an obvious return to a clear and effective numerical display by reinventing the jumping minute hand.

The 4N-MVT01/D01 Model is the first of the mark. It’s embodied in a movement of manufacture, defined by a mechanical complication with manual assembly and a 12-hour digital display. It is based on an intelligent configuration of intermittent rotating discs. Three subgroups of discs, kept in cage structures, light up to reveal the time according to a jumping display as the minutes pass (4 discs for the hour, 5 for the minutes, and 1 for the ten minutes). The device uses a system of jump by constant force guaranteeing a minimum expenditure of energy whatever the degree of movement.

The patented model solves delicate technical issues. The one size of the figures (5.5 mm) leads to a demanding implementation, based on a totally manual manufacturing process. The movement, stems from a complex setting of the kinematic discs, to solve problems of balance, inertia, and friction for optimum movement and a minimum expenditure of energy.

This model is available in 18K white gold or platinum. The bracelet which may be selected from a range of high-quality materials, is mounted on the box by an automatic strap system and allows for lengthening as required. The model is also equipped with a time setting where it is easy to adjust the hour digits independently of the minutes.

● Jumping minutes and hours

● Digital display by discs 

● Double barrel with simultaneous transmission stop-work

● Screw balance: 9.12mm 

● Breguet spiral

● Rhythm: 21 000 Vibration/hr 

● 520 components

● 87 rubies 

● 237-hour power reserve (10 days)

● Finish: all parts are hand-decorated

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