BUILD: A Modular Shelving System

BUILD: A Modular Shelving System

by Yoav
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Introducing BUILD, a system permits you to ‘design’ your own composition and to construct an endless variety of configurations and forms. The shelves that display your belongings become the boxes to transport them, a function quite useful for people who move a lot.

As shelving or partition, freestanding or mounted on the wall, BUILD adapts to your needs. You can get even more creative by giving BUILD new functions. An individual element can perfectly double as transport box or seating. BUILD is quick and easy to install and can be reconfigured in minutes, with any number of units, anywhere. No instructions, no tools– they promise!

A flexible and durable system, BUILD works in the following environments:
Retail: product displays, wall cladding, back drops
Special: ideal for pop-up stores
Office: shelving and partitioning
Special: ideal for frequent workplace re-designs and, co-working spaces
Exhibitions and fairs: booths, product displays, seating

BUILD can be pre-ordered for a limited period. Buyers obtain discounted prices and will receive BUILD before it hits the shops. The product will be manufactured in local car part factories in, Germany, the Netherlands and the US and adheres to strict ecological and socially-responsible production methods.

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