Evolution Robotics Mint Plus Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner

Evolution Robotics Mint Plus Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner

by Yoav
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The Mint Plus Automatic Floor Cleaner from Evolution Robotics keeps dust, dirt and pet hair under control for you. Designed exclusively for hard surface floors, Mint Plus sweeps and mops using dry and pre-moistened cleaning cloths.

With features like the Pro-Clean Reservoir Pad and expanded cleaning area, Mint Plus can mop further and better than ever before. And with faster charging and longer run time, Mint Plus can cover more ground more often for everyday clean floors.

Guided by the enhanced NorthStar Navigation System 2.0, Mint Plus cleans methodically by moving back and forth across open areas in straight lines, working around furniture and rugs, and cleaning along baseboards. Mint Plus’s compact design gets into tight spaces, under furniture and into other areas that are hard to reach with traditional mops and sweepers.

Mint Plus is easy to use. Simply attach your cleaning cloth of choice, choose sweep or mop and let Mint Plus clean for you. Since Mint Plus is not a vacuum, it operates quietly so you – and your pets – won't be disturbed while it cleans.

● Includes Pro-Clean System
● Cleans up to 4 hours on a single charge - fast charging
● Compact size gets under furniture and other hard to reach places
● Square shape cleans all the way into corners
● Low maintenance - no bins to empty or filters to replace - and whisper quiet

$300   BUY · SAVE
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