1Lss  Launches MagBak for iPad

1Lss Launches MagBak for iPad

by Yoav
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Los Angeles based startup 1Lss recently launched its first product MagBak, through the popular crowd funding website Kickstarter.com. MagBak has been labeled as the world’s thinnest mount for iPad. It’s so thin, it is difficult to ever guess it is a mount. It inherently mounts to most metal surfaces without adding any significant bulk or thickness to the device. For mounting on non-metal surfaces, a metal o-ring is provided to attach to the wall.

In addition, MagBak snaps Apple’s Smart Cover neatly in place to the back of the iPad. This keeps the Smart Cover in place while the device is being handled. MagBak’s silicone texture feels great to touch while its outline has been meticulously designed for that of the fingers. MagBak grips the iPad to the surface it’s sitting on and prevents accidental slides or drops. At only half a millimeter in thickness, it raises the iPad just enough to keep the back protected when sitting on any given surface.

1Lss inc. hopes to raise $15,000 before September 6th to fund the project stating that funds will be used for procurement of materials and manufacturing costs. Pledges start at $24 for the “Early Bird Special” of which there are only 300 allotted. Those who pledge $34 or more will receive one MagBak in any color, plus one metal O-Ring. For a pledge of $39 or more, backers will receive a MagBak, also in any color, with two metal O-Rings. MagBak will be shipped in six different colors to match with some of the existing Apple’s Smart Covers.

1Lss Inc. has stated that additional products could be in the pipeline and within the current campaign depending whether or not the funding goal is achieved or surpassed. Such products could be a much requested MagBak for iPad mini, a variation of the metal o-ring, or something else based on feedback from early backers.

Assuming that the project is successfully funded, gifts as presented in the current awards section will start shipping in September.

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