DewStop Condensation Control Sentry Fan Switch

DewStop Condensation Control Sentry Fan Switch

by Yoav
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The DewStop Condensation Sentry Fan Switch is ideal for preventing the growth of mold and mildew created by condensation from baths and showers. The switch features a clever sensor that constantly monitors temperature, humidity, and dew point and automatically turns on your fan when the air becomes too heavy. Once a room's condensation level is brought down, the sensor will trigger the fan to turn off. You can rely on the sensor to work automatically, or you can manually control your fan with the button located on the switch. For those times when you choose to turn the fan on yourself, a 30-minute fan timer will automatically turn it off to help you save money and electricity.

Save on Energy and Maintenance Costs
Using an exhaust fan to rid a bathroom of humidity can be a tricky balancing act. Turn it off too soon, and you may leave behind damaging moisture. Leave it on too long, and you waste energy by sending heated or cooled air outside unnecessarily. Because the DewStop only comes on when needed and stops after 30 minutes, it helps you save on home maintenance and energy costs.

Make Your Fan a Smart Fan
With the DewStop Condensation Sentry Fan Switch, you can transform your bathroom from ordinary to intelligent. This clever switch features a "Condensation Sentry", which constantly monitor's temperature, humidity, and dew point to determine a room's condensation level. If the sensor detects rising condensation levels, it will automatically turn on your fan and keep it on until the condensation is no longer a concern and your room is dry.

Automatic or Manual Fan Control
You can rely on the DewStop Condensation Sentry Fan Switch's sensor to control condensation for you, or you can manually turn on your fan when needed--a built-in timer will turn the fan off after 30 minutes, or you can turn the fan off yourself before the time is up.

Perfect for Bathrooms, Laundry Rooms, and Home Spas
The DewStop Condensation Sentry Fan Switch is great for use in bathrooms, laundry rooms, sun rooms, spa rooms, and all condensation-prone areas of the home. Packaged as a single fan switch that's easy to install, this unique device can be connected with any residential fan you care to use.

● DewStop automatically turns on bath fans when it senses condensation
● Fan turns off when condensation is no longer present on the walls
● Helps prevent mold and mildew in bathrooms
● For use with any residential bath fan
● Manual on / off fan control also included

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