Motorola Moto X Smartphone

Motorola Moto X Smartphone

by Desire
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Moto X is designed by you, responds to you and is made for you by Motorola. Featuring the best of Google services baked in, Moto X helps you get everyday tasks done quickly and with less fuss. But it’s also designed to sip battery, not chug it, so it will go all day and into the night. It has a unique curved back, designed to fit your hand comfortably, along with a 4.7-inch screen that makes it easy to operate with only one hand.

Moto X responds to your voice - no touching necessary. With Touchless Control you can check the weather, get directions, or do just about anything without lifting a finger. With Active Display, Moto X keeps the information you need to know at your fingertips. Instead of a constantly blinking light, important information quietly appears on the screen. It doesn’t interrupt. You don’t have to wake it up to look at the time or see your messages. Before you know it, that constant itch to check your phone will be gone forever.

Need to capture that perfect moment before it’s gone? All it takes is two quick twists of your wrist and Moto X’s Quick Capture camera is ready to shoot. Touch anywhere on the screen and you’ll get just the shot you want. Its high-quality sensor can capture the darkest scenes or stop motion blur in bright light. You’ll see the difference in every shot.

Using Moto Maker you can create your own personalized device. You can choose the colors, and decide on the details: front, back, accents, memory, wallpapers, even add a name or a short message. When you’re done, your Moto X is assembled in the USA and shipped free of charge in 4 days or less. There are more than 2,000 combinations possible with more to come. Google says real wood backs will be offered later in the year.

Moto X will be available in the US, Canada and Latin America starting in late August/early September.

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