Pro Grand Steam Range by Thermador

Pro Grand Steam Range by Thermador

by Yoav
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Introducing the Pro Grand Steam by Thermador - a range that will change the way real cooks cook. The Pro Grand Steam is the worlds first high-performance range to have a built-in Steam + Convection Oven. This Ultimate Culinary Center features seven cooking options: ExtraLow simmering featuring our Star Burners, 22,000 BTUs Power Burner, Titanium Griddle & Grill, a large capacity Convection Oven, Warming drawer and the industry exclusive Steam & Convection Oven. The Pro Grand Steam Range does what Thermador has done throughout their history - set and define new industry standards.

Steam & Convection Oven
This industry only - Steam & Convection Oven in a range offers 3 distinct cooking variations: Steam only, Convection only or Steam & Convection Cooking.

Convection Oven
Reduce cooking times for frozen foods up to 30% with Thermador's industry-leading Speed Convection system. Your creations are cooked evenly, perfectly and in less time than ever before.

Warming Drawer
Spacious 1.4-cubic-foot drawer can hold and warm up to 10 dinner plates.

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