eleMount Car & Camera Mount for iPhone & iPad

eleMount Car & Camera Mount for iPhone & iPad

by Yoav
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eleMount, a premium all aluminum mount that works with virtually all handheld mobile devices, providing both Apple and Android users with an easy-to-use and versatile stand that sticks to any flat surface to keep devices in view. The CNC machined mount places your favorite device on a quality pedestal that complements its design. Using proprietary elePads, the base of the mount sticks to any flat surface, and the top securely adheres to mobile devices regardless of their size or generation, and even if they are in protective cases. The eleMount base also unscrews to reveal another layer of functionality - a 1/4" 20 thread that connects to tripods for improved smartphone photography and videography. The super strong eleMount eliminates the need for unsightly suction cups and locks, while bringing a refined and polished accent piece to your home, office or car.

"With eleMount, I aimed to raise the bar for mobile device mounts, leaving bulky plastic design behind and using only the most premium materials and production processes to create the most beautiful, versatile and easy-to-use mount available today," said Jose Sanchez, designer of eleMount. "Using precise CNC machinery to manufacture eleMount wasn't cheap, but the resulting design and finish were well worth it. eleMount is in a category of its own and deserves to hold up our most prized gear."

eleMount offers design-minded consumers a sleek alternative to the traditional bulky plastic mount. Once in hand, users instantly feel the weight and quality of its luxe design. eleMount features a bead-blasted and anodized finish to match all your Apple and Android devices - along with your discerning tastes.

eleMount's simple and sleek design is due in part to its proprietary elePads, which eliminate the need for unsightly plastic locks and clamps. These polyurethane pads stick to almost any flat surface for incredible versatility, while their edgeless design supports a wide range of devices including iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Tab, HTC One and many more. The elePad's easy-to-use design works just as you'd expect. Simply mount the elePad to any clean, dry surface, apply pressure and you're done.

Use eleMount Anywhere
eleMount goes where your device goes, into any room or setting you need. It can detach and re-mount simply, without leaving any sticky residue for ultimate portability. eleMount works as a car mount to place your smartphone on your windshield or dashboard for easy navigation and hands free calling. It can also be used as a desk mount for easy FaceTime, message checking, video watching and song selection. It will hold your tablet up while in the kitchen, so you can easily check a recipe mid-chop. You can even use eleMount to mount your smartphone or tablet on a tripod. Simply unscrew the eleMount base to reveal a 1/4" 20 thread that you can connect to your tripod of choice. Photographers can use this setting to capture unforgettable time lapse images using their smartphone or tablet.

eleMount Mini
The eleMount is also available in the eleMount mini model, which is designed specifically for the smartphone photographer and videographer. This camera mount has the same eleMount design minus the elePad base. It allows mobile devices to be attached to camera equipment that supports standard 1/4" 20 threads. eleMount mini's universal design allows it to be used with virtually any smartphone or small tablet, even with protective cases. It's a quality accessory that instantly ups your smartphone photography and videography capabilities.

● Premium all-aluminum mount
● Two Polyurethane elePads - one to grip device and one to grip base surface
● CNC Machined
● Ball and socket joint for 360° viewing angle
● elePad unscrews to reveal 1/4" 20 thread
● Weight: 6.2 oz.
● Size: 90 mm x 61.5 mm
● Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy S3,
● Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and most other handheld mobile devices

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