LUMOback Smart Posture Sensor

LUMOback Smart Posture Sensor

by Yoav
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LUMOback is a wearable sensor and app focused on improving posture, which impacts back pain, fitness, confidence and appearance. LUMO BodyTech uses smart sensors and software to help people improve their health.
Using LUMOback is simple – just download the app and wear the LUMOback sensor comfortably around your lower back. The sensor gently vibrates when you slouch, reminding you to sit or stand up straight.

The sensor connects wirelessly to a mobile app with a friendly avatar, LUMO, who tracks your posture and activities in real time, mirroring your daily activities, whether sitting, standing, walking, running or sleeping.

Sitting is the new smoking – but it’s also an occupational hazard of the computer, the couch and the car: mainstays of your readers’ lives. Whether you want better posture or want to stand and move more (sitting less), the LUMOback app and sensor power behavior changes that can transform your posture and health.

• 80% of Americans have back pain at some point in their lives. 80 percent!
• Posture problems are the leading cause of back pain.
• Back pain is the second most common reason for visits to the doctor’s office,
outnumbered only by the common cold.
• LUMOback data shows that about half of Americans think about their posture at
least a couple of times every week.
• Research shows that strong posture can cause actual hormonal changes, spiking
power and confidence, and boosting sexiness and career prospects.

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