Scan and Store a Digital Copy of Your Keys with KeyMe

Scan and Store a Digital Copy of Your Keys with KeyMe

by Yoav
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New York startup KeyMe has announced the launch of its new iOS app, now available for download in the iTunes App Store. The app gives users a secure, simple way to scan and store a digital copy of their keys in the cloud. In the event of a lockout, users can have a duplicate key created by any locksmith based on the digital photo snapshot available through the app.

With KeyMe, you no longer need a physical key in order to make a copy, which means that once you store your "digital key," you never have to worry about losing your keys again. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for an emergency locksmith to break your lock, you can simply visit any locksmith to have a brand new physical key made.

Users store their keys by capturing photo snapshots of both sides of each key. Any locksmith can then create new keys from scratch by viewing duplication instructions that are developed based on the snapshots and displayed through the app. Users also have the option to order duplicate keys by mail, which arrive within 2 - 3 days. With the app's sharing feature, users can share their digital keys instantly with a friend who might be visiting from out-of-town. Recipients can then get a physical copy made at any locksmith or via mail order.

In late June, KeyMe also announced the launch of first-of-their-kind, self-service kiosks in five 7-Eleven stores across Manhattan, providing customers with 24-hour access to their home or office keys. Customers use the kiosks to make on-the-spot duplicate keys and store a digital copy of their keys, which can then be accessed in the event of a lockout. The KeyMe app also allows users to create a duplicate at any kiosk.

"Lockouts are a frustrating, costly problem for every one of us. We saw a very powerful and positive response to our kiosk launch in New York, and now are offering a solution that can be used by anyone, anywhere in the country," said Greg Marsh, CEO of KeyMe. "With our new digital keychain, lockouts are a problem of the past."

"KeyMe is tapping mobile to solve a classic issue that has existed for hundreds of years," said Amol Sarva, Co-founder of retail-friendly cell phone Virgin Mobile and smartphone platform Peek. "This new app is not only offering a very innovative solution for consumers, but also creating a new avenue for traditional locksmiths to integrate and benefit from mobile technology."

KeyMe ensures maximum safety and security, using the most advanced level of encryption, password protection, email alerts for all account activity and several other measures. KeyMe does not store any address information, except temporarily while fulfilling mail orders, after which all address information is permanently deleted.

Users can download the app and store as many keys as they like at no cost. Accessing locksmith instructions costs $9.99, in stark contrast to the average cost of $150 for an emergency lock change. For the mail order option, a key costs between $4.99 and $6.99 based on the design. In addition to brass keys, KeyMe's mail order option offers a range of decorative key designs, from its signature bottle opener key to sports themes and others. Keys are shipped at no charge.

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