Feed Your Pet Remotely with PintoFeed

Feed Your Pet Remotely with PintoFeed

by Yoav
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The Pintofeed is the first autonomous pet feeder that offers mobility and remote access for scheduled feedings as well as notifications via SMS and social networks all packaged neatly into an elegant hardware device specifically designed to enhance the look and feel of any home. Additionally, the Pintofeed employs a number of sensors in order to help populate behavioral data and utilizes artificial intelligence techniques to help accurately predict and even adjust pets eating behaviors to enable the healthiest feeding regimen as possible.

"An estimated 54 percent of dogs and cats in the United States are overweight or obese directly due to overeating," said Herrera. "One of the main reasons this disturbing trend continues is because the bulk of today's pet owners cannot consistently monitor their pets eating habits. Pintofeed, with its intelligent programming and remote access capabilities, is a solution that not only improves feeding habits but also fits into pet owner's lifestyles."

Pintofeed aims to help pet owners learn and understand exactly what their pets need to maintain a healthy and social lifestyle. The Pintofeed was devised to help ensure pets stay on a healthy diet, while bringing owners the convenience of a true autonomous feeding solution. Since the Pintofeed is WiFi enabled, one can check its status and even control it from any web-enabled devices such as traditional cellphones, smartphones, tablets and laptops. Feeding alerts and reminders can be configured to publish to Facebook, Twitter and SMS for ultimate reassurance. The Pintofeed is easy to set up, exquisitely designed and can be placed anywhere in the home.

● Wireless Feeding: Whether you’re on the go, working late at the office or out of town on vacation, just open up the Pintofeed app and feed your pet with a tap of a button.
● Automated Schedules: Pintofeed will learn about your pet’s typical feeding times and automatically create a schedule to dispense food.
● Alerts and Notifications: Pintofeed immediately sends you notifications in the form of a text, email, Facebook or Twitter message.
● Monitor Feeding: The smart app allows you to monitor your pet’s food intake and compared to the national average.
● Control Multiple Feeders: Manage up to 50 Pintofeeds from a single account using our app. Ideal for veterinary offices and pet shelters.
● Multiple Users: Share access with family, friends and pet care professionals. Just enter their email address and their account privileges.
● Food Capacity: Pintofeed offers a 5 and 10 pound food repository to better serve your needs.
● Variable Food Sizes: The food dispensing mechanism allows pebble sizes as small as 1/4th of an inch and as large as 7/8th of an inch.
● Food Freshness: The Pintofeed food repositories have specially designed freshness seals that help keep the food from going stale.
● Always On: Pintofeed works with 4D batteries or an A/C wall adapter. Dual power sources provide maximum performance.
● Smart Feeding: Manually or autonomously set the portion of food down to multiples of an 1/8th of a cup.
● Setup is a Breeze: Within a matter of minutes, your Pintofeed will be integrated to your home network and ready to go.

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