Evade Unlawful Handcuff Restraint with TIHK

Evade Unlawful Handcuff Restraint with TIHK

by Yoav
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TIHK has launched a product by their own name, the TIHK, on crowdfunding site IndieGoGo with hopes of raising funds for tooling and production. The TIHK, or Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key, features a patent-pending clip for easy attachment and concealment on one's own clothing. With the TIHK, there is now a solution for low enforcement,
military and private security professionals to evade unlawful detainment.

The TIHK is meant to be part of one's Everyday Carry so it is there when you need it. Attach it where you can easily access it when cuffed: jeans belt loop, pants pocket, shirt tag, socks or even on the inside of your pants or underwear waistband. Its minimal, low-profile design and low-visibility coating ensure that it can be carried inconspicuously and go undetected when detained. Designed to fit all standard "peerless" single and double-lock handcuffs.

The TIHK team has spent over 6 months on refining and optimizing the design and is now ready to move forward with tooling and production. Before they do so, they are utilizing crowdfunding to secure the funds necessary for the tooling and production in the USA. If successfully funded, they hope to begin shipping this December.

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