Turn Your Bed Into a Smart Bed with Beddit

Turn Your Bed Into a Smart Bed with Beddit

by Yoav
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Beddit, the automatic sleep and wellness tracker has launched on the popular crowd funding platform Indiegogo . The campaign will be used to bring a consumer version of the Beddit sensor and mobile app to the market.

While you sleep, Beddit automatically tracks your sleep, heart rate, breathing rhythm, movements, snoring and bedroom noise and light. You simply place the Beddit ultra-thin film sensor in your bed, under the sheet. There are no wearable sensors, ensuring undisturbed sleep. Essentially, you turn your bed into a smart bed.

The sensor sends your sleep data over Bluetoothy to the smartphone (iOS or Android) and in the morning, the app analyzes your sleep and gives you personalized coaching tips of how to improve sleep. You own and host the data.

Better sleep equals better performance in all aspects of life as sleep equals recoveryBeddit can be used in many ways, such as a life style, stress management, or as an athletic performance measuring tool.

Sleep is an important part of our lives. After the success of Beddit Pro - used for sleep research and personal training in 19 countries - Beddit wants to bring this sleep science for everyone's reach at an affordable price.

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