Combine Resistive Movement Training and Gaming with Bowblade

Combine Resistive Movement Training and Gaming with Bowblade

by Yoav
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Meet Bowblade, a sweet active gaming device that combines resistive movement—specifically the archer's bow pull—with video gaming, creating a full-body, immersive experience that everyone can enjoy! Created by a chiropractor stuntman and gamer Ron Green, the Bowblade, when paired with a smartphone or iPod Touch, becomes a dynamic active game controller.

You get right into the action of the game with the Bowblade. You’re moving. At one moment you’re leaning left to take dead aim at the target which may be moving right. At another time you may be coiling your body as the background environment shifts and targets change directions. You adjust to the game by moving either right or up or down or sideways. Its constantly a dynamic situation.

There’s nothing stationary about what you’re doing when you’re the first person Bowblade shooter. Everything you see - everything you do - is in front of you on the big screens (console, TV) or smaller ones (smartphone, /iTouch). It’s incredible. Sometimes you’re the predator. Other times you may be the prey.

Your trigger is only activated when the bow is fully pulled back. — getting involved inside the game means you’re adjusting your body to aim. Your backhand finger holds the trigger, which you pull or release to fire. Your finger, your body, your agility, your brain, are all involved in the “hit”.

● Introduces a new and exciting element - athleticism - to gaming
● Gets body action totally involved along with shooting skills
● Not previously possible for gamers
● Makes all games far more enjoyable
● Easy to manipulate at under 2 pounds
● Designed to be used on both sides of your body
● Increases strength and coordination

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