Measure Your Cycling Performance with Garmin Vector Bike Meter

Measure Your Cycling Performance with Garmin Vector Bike Meter

by Yoav
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Garmin has broadened its line of fitness solutions with Vector, an innovative pedal-based cycling power meter that works seamlessly with compatible Garmin devices. Power is an objective measure of your cycling performance on any given day, independent of environmental conditions or how you feel. Using a power meter like Vector allows you to gauge your training intensity with precision and perform power-based training.

The concept behind Vector is powerfully simple — measure your power output at the pedal, where force is applied. Vector measures the slight deflection of the pedal spindle through your entire pedal stroke, measuring the force vectors and using this data to calculate power.

Because the force sensors are housed in each pedal, Vector can independently measure power from each leg and report total power as well as the balance between your right and left leg.

In addition to total power, Vector records cadence and a variety of power metrics, which you can see on your compatible Garmin device and in Garmin Connect, our free online fitness community.

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