Water Your Plans the Intelligent Way with Fliwer Sensor

Water Your Plans the Intelligent Way with Fliwer Sensor

by Yoav
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Inolve is a start-up specialized in developing new consumer electronic products to enhance people’s life and the planet’s sustainability. After more than 2 years of R&D, Inolve has created a system named Fliwer that enables intelligent and sustainable care of plants.

Fliwer consists of a set of devices that allow users to take care of their plants in an intelligent way, referred to as Smart Plant Care. "Fliwer was born to be the new way to communicate with plants. Actually most of gardeners use irrigation timers, wasting resources and watering plants even if they don't need it" says CEO of Fliwer. With this system, the vital
parameters of the plant and its environment can be controlled, and watered automatically exactly when they need it.

The Fliwer Sensor measures light intensity, temperature, soil moisture, humidity and the level of fertilizer. It also has a valve inside that can water the plants at the optimal moment, without wasting a drop of water. This device is “Multi-plant”, which means that one Fliwer Sensor can control more than one plant in the same area. However, each area should have similar amounts of light, temperature and soil.

By using Fliwer Control, users are able to control their irrigation system in an efficient an autonomous manner. It is compatible with all solenoid valves in the market from 9V to 24V in DC/AC. The device can handle up to 6 solenoid valves.

Fliwer Link shares the information via Wifi or 3G to Fliwer Cloud and the Online Platforms.

The Artificial Intelligence module allows the system to send tips and advice to the user, depending on all the information from the sensors, weather forecast, and the knowledge base (Plant Library). Build up from the characteristics of each plant and made by expert biologists.

All fliwer devices can be controlled with any device through an iOS & Android Application or by any web browser. The Online Platforms (my Fliwer, Community) offer users a customized Dashboard of their garden and have total control of it. In the Fliwer Community everybody can be part of a group of experts and share their doubts and opinions. It is also possible to join the Online Platforms without owning any Fliwer device.

“We create Fliwer to build an integral and sustainable solution for plant care. Effective, functional, easy to use and unique.” (CEO, Fliwer). "Among its benefits we highlight real-time control, save resources, automation, wireless, weatherproof and that it is extremely easy to use. " says CEO of Fliwer.

Fliwer system uses Smart Grid Technology to build a mesh network. It is an intelligent network that allows communication over great distances. All devices share information to the nearest by Radio frequency (RF). Fliwer also uses information from different Agriculture departments to help gardeners and growers to determine which plants are more likely to grow on a particular area. This functionality is called PlantCheck.

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