juiceBee Battery Backup and USB Wall Charger with MicroSD Reader

juiceBee Battery Backup and USB Wall Charger with MicroSD Reader

by Yoav
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juiceBee is a new startup that focuses on designing innovative, portable power solutions for today’s mobile lifestyles. juiceBee is a partnership founded by a group of longstanding friends that have unique and experienced disciplines, ranging from engineering, industrial design, graphics, international sales and marketing.

Their initial area of focus starts with backup power, since we all owned iPhone's and other consumer electronics that always seemed to be running low on battery power at some point in the day.

juiceBee soon found that the market was filled with many different kinds of battery backup products, but most of them were too big, complex, impractical, cumbersome, and many were simply underpowered.

It was then that they put their heads together and devised a product idea that would solve many of these frustrations.

The group had their Aha! moment when we realized that by combining a USB wall charger with a battery backup, and making them dockable via USB would simplify the process and create a more compact, convenient, effective 2-in-1 product.

After many discussions, iterations and renderings – juiceBee was born. They developed a working prototype and remain very excited about juiceBee.

juiceBee believes that they have solved some real world issues in battery backup solutions and believe they developed an innovative, portable power solution with very strong differentiation. They are looking to the Kickstarter community to help bring juiceBee to market.

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