Panasonic SC-NA30 Wireless Speakers

Panasonic SC-NA30 Wireless Speakers

by Yoav
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Panasonic has recently announced two additions to its range of wireless streaming products, the SC-NA30 and SC NA10. Both models are portable and wireless. They are equipped with the longest playback time, excellent audio quality, smart networking capabilities and last but not least, a great design. The speakers allow you to enjoy music and other audio-based experiences, at top quality no matter where you are.

SC-NA30 has a design that is inspired by a classic and timeless hi-fi style. It offers excellent sound quality, whether you're in the living room, on the terrace, balcony or in the park. The new products in the NA series are perfect when you want to enjoy music at home, outdoors or on the road, says Jonas Eriksson, Senior Product Manager, Panasonic Nordic. - Panasonic estimates that listening habits differ from person to person. Panasonic NA-series therefore offer the best possible sound quality and smart network solutions combined with a delicious and stylish design. All to satisfy consumer preferences and lifestyles. The slightly larger SC-NA30 is particularly suitable for use in and around the home, while the more compact SC-NA10, with its unique protective cover that is also used as stand, can always be included.

With up to 20 hours of playback, both the SC-NA30 and SC NA10 the longest play time on the market. Both models have Bluetooth with NFC technology and is compatible with Panasonic's Music Streaming app which makes it easy to connect them to a smartphone or a tablet. With the touch of a button gives you instant access to all your favorite music. Besides the ability to stream audio to the NA series also acts as a hands-free device, thanks to the integrated microphone. The built-in rechargeable battery gas a long life, and allows you to even charge your smartphone while playing music.

Despite its compact design, the SC-NA30 has powerful audio capabilities. Two speakers at two inches and a built-in subwoofer delivers a natural expansive sound and deep powerful bass. The design protects the base from creating unwanted vibration, which further enhances the sound quality.

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