Trail Boss: The Packable Trail Multi Tool

Trail Boss: The Packable Trail Multi Tool

by Yoav
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The Trail Boss packable trail work tool allows you to satisfy your need to ride, hike or run on trails, and your desire to work on the trails you use, all on the same outing. Its light weight, strength and versatility means you can bring it along on your regular ride or hike, and still stop to fix a bad switchback or bench that trail section you’ve been meaning to get to. And do the work exactly the same as if you toted along a collection of 3 or 4 bulky long-handled digging tools.

● Packable
● Strong
● Durable
● Multiple heads
● Customize length
● Customize combinations of heads
● Expandable
● Fabricated in-house

Because it fits in a typical trail-size hydration pack or small day pack, the Trail Boss is easy to bring along and still enjoy the trip. With multiple tool heads, and rigid full-length handle you can dig the dirt with gusto, just as you would with a one-piece long-handled tool.

Handle segments are available in 12” or 16” lengths, so you can customize the fit for your height and desired working length. For example; three 16” segments make a 48” length handle, or two 16” and one 12” make a 44” handle, or use one handle segment and a digger or saw head for quick work in tight spaces.

A choice of heads: McLeod, pick/mattock, axe/mattock, shovel and saw, gives you the tools to take-on almost any trail project. And do it without giving up your ride or hike to haul-in multiple one-piece long-handled tools to the work site. Plus, your Trail Boss can start small with one head, and expand later with more, as your needs and budget dictate.

The Trail Boss’ strength and usefulness is in its multiple-segment handle. Made from pultruded structural fiberglass and precision machined 6061-T651 aluminum couplings, the handle is both strong and durable, while being supple enough to absorb the shock from hard blows to the dirt.

The McLeod head is made from hardened steel plate. The mattock heads are ductile iron. The saw uses a Corona 13” Razortooth pull blade. All use the same coupling adapter design to attach to the handle.

Tested in extremes ranging from Pacific Northwest rain forest to Southern California coastal mountains and deserts, the trail tool can tackle it all: mud, roots, rocks, forest duff, glacial till, hard-packed clay, sand, brush.

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