Buben&Zorweg Object of Time One-77

Buben&Zorweg Object of Time One-77

by Yoav
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The One-77 supercar is the ultimate expression of Aston Martin. A spectacular fusion of high-technology and time-honoured tradition, the One-77 uniquely combines cutting-edge design, luxury materials and engineering flair with the finest craftsmanship. Infused with breath taking style, impressive quality and flawless performance, the One-77 supercar exists at the point where art and technology meet.

Inspired by this outstanding automotive achievement, the House of Buben&Zorweg has created a fascinating work of engineering, designed to showcase beautiful horological timepieces set in a freestanding sculpted case. The One-77 Object of Time is a beautiful centre piece for any interior.

The limited edition Object of Time created by Buben&Zorweg in celebration the One-77 super car demonstrates uncompromising perfection, breath-taking innovation and outstanding design. Both demonstrate the highest level of achievement in their respective fields and a passion for craftsmanship; they are solely dedicated to achieving the highest level of luxury for their owners, created to engage every sense. Beautifully lacquered and highly polished with a sumptuous leather interior, the Object of Time One-77 is a multi-functional and ingenious piece; showcasing highly advanced engineering and an ultimately fascinating origin, the piece is crafted to perfection and is one of Buben&Zorweg’s most fascinating and magnificent masterpieces for the home.

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