TILT Stealth MacBook Pro Cooling Solution

TILT Stealth MacBook Pro Cooling Solution

by Yoav
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Designed and engineered specifically for the aluminum unibody MacBook Pro, the TILT Stealth is an improved version of the original TILT cooling stand that has been refined to the highest standards.

Finally a method of cooling your MacBook without the clunky baggage.

The TILT Stealth maintains the same form factor as the original TILT, but is made of an even stronger and more durable material allowing for an overall thinner profile and increased durability. The slim and sleek minimalist design of The TILT Stealth matches the MacBook Pro aesthetics, curve for curve right down to the padded rubber feet. The most stylish & artistic design you will find in a laptop cooler.

An improved FLOWthru Cooling System & thermal protection chassis allows for maximum air flow to protect the bottom surface of the MacBook Pro. "Lap burn" and surface heat related issues will virtually disappear. Every-day cooling capabilities are handled with a built-in integrated passive cooling system that allows for increased circulation and bottom surface cooling. When you want an added cooling boost just plug the USB cord into your MacBook Pro to activate FLOWthru Cooling. This sends a fresh flow of cool air through the TILT reaching the hot areas of the MacBook Pro.

The TILT Stealth's patent pending MaxGrip Mobility system safely attaches to the bottom of your MacBook Pro so it fits tight and secure allowing for complete portability. This eliminates awkward positioning necessary to stabilize your cooler and laptop as there is no risk of falling it slipping off your lap or desk. With its completely redesigned locking system, just click your MacBook Pro into the TILT Stealth and you can literally take cooling protection anywhere.

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