Outdoor Lounger by Smooff

Outdoor Lounger by Smooff

by Yoav
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The Outdoor Lounger Smooff is an upholstered mat that makes life more comfortable. Transform every place into a comfortable lounge: Whether at the beach, on a field of grass, in the garden, on the balcony or wherever, with friends, relatives or alone: Smooff makes every place more pleasant.

The Outdoor Lounger has to only be spread and as soon as that you may relax on the highest level. The mat has a thick cushion at the head-end, so that your head lies a bit higher and you might eat, drink or read more comfortable.

Smooff can be transported easily and fast, since it can be fold and put into the car or on the bike as well as it can be carried by foot without any problems. As soon as you arrive, unfold Smooff and relax.

The mat consists of stabile polyester, it is easy to clean and has a special coating that does not only protect the Outdoor Lounger from UV-radiation, but also acts fire-resistant and waterproof. That is the reason why Smooff can really be transported everywhere and used under all weather circumstances. Simply clean it with water at the end and Smooff will look as if it was new.

Smooff measures 200 x 60 x 8 cm when it is unfold; its size is 50 x 60 x 52 cm when it is fold.

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