Greyp G-12: Half Bike, Half Motorcycle

Greyp G-12: Half Bike, Half Motorcycle

by Yoav
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The Greyp G-12 is designed from the ground up to combine the best of both worlds – motorcycles and bicycles. It is a bicycle when you want it, or a motorcycle when you need it. Electronic and hardware wizards have spent countless hours developing a unique user experience, yet unseen in the e-bike industry.

Fingerprint Activated
You don’t ever need to worry about keys again. The G-12 can save up to 50 users, and every user can save up to 5 fingers. You can choose that a certain finger starts the bike in a certain mode. Your thumb can lead you the Street Mode, while your middle-finger will activate the speed-mode. The owner can limit rights to other users – you can lend your bike to your friend and limit his riding-time and speed.

Driving Modes
Most EU countries consider two-wheeled electric vehicles as motorcycles if they can reach a speed in excess of 25 km/h and have more than 250 W of power. The G-12 has a special mode to comply with the regulations for road vehicles which limits the speed and power. Still, the top-speed is just a tap on the touch-screen away when you need it.

Speed, consumption, ideal and calculated range, temperatures and much more. Sophisticated electronics collect processes and display a large variety of data to the rider, which helps to plan your trip.

You can pedal if you want, assist the motor or drive the G-12 like a motorcycle. It will reach 65 km/h without any assistance by the rider. You never need to sweat riding up a hill again! You can reach up to 120 km of range with a single charge. The sophisticated range estimation algorithms predict the remaining range based on your riding style and at the same time, show you the maximum range with a conservative driving style from that moment on. This enables you to predict when to slow down in order to have enough range to make it to your destination.

You will almost never need to use the G-12’s mechanical brakes. The motor can recharge the battery with up to 2 kW of power while braking which is more than enough most of the time. Still, there was no compromise made when it came to brakes – hydraulic dual discs in the front and a single disc in the rear (both with 203 mm diameter) provide enough stopping-power for even the most demanding situations.

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