Bozeman Coat Rack by General Manufacturing

Bozeman Coat Rack by General Manufacturing

by Yoav
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Heading towards the fall and winter, General Manufacturing sought to develop a rugged and compact coat rack for the GENMFGCO studio. In sketching out ideas, Hunter (General Manufacturing Co-Founder) remembered an object that he had seen when passing through Montana. It was a rack of elk antlers on a wood mount affixed to the wall near the entrance to a diner. Customers hung their jackets and hats on each of the antler’s tips. It was perfect.

Taking the mounted elk antlers as a point of departure, the Bozeman Coat Rack uses a single piece of machine bent stainless steel 1/4" wire to form five hooks into about 9 inches of wall space. The wire is then hung around a slab of CNC’ed American walnut. The assemblage is anchored securely into place with just two screws.

Sturdy, efficient and geometric, the Bozeman Coat Rack is ideally suited for small spaces. It is constructed simply from a single continuous stainless steel wireform and a machined walnut mount.

The Bozeman Coat Rack has 5 steel hooks staggered across a compact footprint. Each hook is dipped in rubber by hand to provide color and extra grip.

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