BioLite KettlePot

BioLite KettlePot

by Yoav
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BioLite an innovator in energy solutions, is adding to its accessory line this Fall with the launch of the multifunctional KettlePot. Part cooking pot, part kettle, the KettlePot addresses two common cooking needs with one device, allowing users to bring a single piece of cookware without sacrificing functionality. Its smart design combines large cooking capacity (for up to four people) with a unique pouring top and side handles for easy use.

Small touches in the design of the KettlePot make a big usability difference. Similar to the BioLite CampStove, every feature has a considered purpose. The heat skirt at the bottom of the pot improves efficiency and protects flames in windy conditions; the L-shaped vertical handles make the entire unit easy to pour and easy to maneuver when boiling or cooking.

To create a lightweight, durable body for the KettlePot, BioLite developed a unique method for stretching the stainless steel so that it is ultra-thin and yet still stronger than aluminum. Additionally, stainless steel allows users to clean the pot without worrying about scratching off material and creating food safety concerns.

The KettlePot doubles as a carrying case for the CampStove, which can be nested to fit perfectly inside, adding an extra layer of protection for your stove when on the go.

“We saw a lot of outdoor enthusiasts adding bulk to their packs with multiple pieces of cookware that took up a lot of ineffecient space,” said Jonathan Cedar, BioLite Co-founder and CEO. “With our KettlePot, you can make a full meal at night and boil your coffee in the morning using only one device that adds minimal volume.”

• Snap-on kettle top and vertical handles for easy pouring
• Wind-blocking heat shield for faster boil time
• Centering base ring for improved stability
• Ultra-thin stainless steel body for easy cleaning and food safety
• Doubles as a carrying case for the CampStove

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