Bosse Tools

Bosse Tools

by Yoav
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For thousands of years, we have grown accustomed to using traditional tools - to the point where we expect them to cause pain and injury. But research shows that we can decrease workplace injury by adding ergonomics to the equation, and that is exactly what Bosse Tools has accomplished. Bosse Tools is a startup company that is changing hardware tools through ergonomics; ultimately creating more efficient shovels, rakes, brooms, pitchforks, & more. They are transforming construction, agriculture, landscaping, and home-gardening.

They have redesigned the shovel to reduce injury and increase productivity - allowing you to get more work done in less time. Whether you are a construction worker, a farmer, gardener, or everyday homeowner, the benefits of using ergonomically corrected tools are clear - pick up a Bosse Tools shovel and try for yourself.

An ergonomic tool allows your body to take more natural positions while working. You tend to pronate your wrists when you use a regular shovel. If you are right-handed, your right hand would pronate out with your palm down and your left hand would pronate in with your palm up. But an ergonomic shovel removes the pronation and puts your hands back in a natural position.

Additionally, a lot of ergonomic principles lie in posture. Traditional shovels force your shoulders out of alignment, thus, putting strain on your back one direction or the other. By allowing you to hold the tool properly, your shoulders stay aligned, and as a result, your posture is vastly improved.

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