The Orange Chef Prep Pad for Countertop

The Orange Chef Prep Pad for Countertop

by Yoav
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Eating well starts at home. With Prep Pad and accompanying iOS app, Countertop, you’ll easily have insight beyond your plate. Quickly assemble meals on Prep Pad and watch as Countertop presents you real time nutritional information on your iPad or iPhone. Set your own goals, discover more about your food and gain confidence in making the right choices.

Prep Pad
Prep Pad is the heavy weight of food scales. American made, with our signature, recycled wood/paper composite top and a unibody aluminum base, Prep Pad is thin enough to be stored in any drawer but beautiful enough that you won't want to. Featuring low energy, Bluetooth 4 LE wireless connectivity, the scale and the app connect automatically; and with an accuracy equal to the weight of a paperclip, you’ll have a precise sense of control.

● One touch auto connect with auto on/off
● Bluetooth 4 LE
● Top material approved by the National Sanitary Foundation & Forest Stewardship Council
● Unibody aluminum base
● Anti-slip feet
● +/– 1 gram accuracy
● Handles up to 15lbs
● American Made

Designed for iOS, Countertop is the brains behind the brawn. With built–in smart logic and beautiful visualization, Countertop tames the internet’s food knowledge base and puts it at your fingertips. As you prepare your meal one ingredient at a time, Countertop gives you access to a database of 300,000 foods including restaurant foods and the ability to scan UPC barcodes. With real time feedback you’ll be able to make better meal choices and, for the first time, accurately track your consumption habits bite by bite.

● Works with iPhone 4S/5 and iPad 3/4 (requires iOS 6/7 + Bluetooth 4 LE)
● Free download from the App Store
● Supports multiple user accounts
● Customizable settings based on your physical traits and personal goals
● Macro nutrient view, Micro nutrient view, Ingredient view and USDA view
● On-the-fly meal making
● 300,000 item food database with the ability to scan UPC barcodes
● Save to history and share function (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Evernote, Email)

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