Vaportini: A New Way to Consume Alcohol

Vaportini: A New Way to Consume Alcohol

by Yoav
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Pairing innovation with cocktails is nothing new, but one new product is taking the spirits industry by storm. The Vaportini is a groundbreaking new way to enjoy a cocktail by breathing in the vapors from your favorite liquor.

Vaportini Founder Julie Palmer explains the method behind the madness. “The Vaportini is a glass globe that is heated by a candle in a pint glass, and the aromas and flavors from the heated alcohol are then sipped through a glass straw,” says Palmer. “You get all of the flavor and intensity of your favorite drink, but in a totally new and exciting way.”

Palmer’s inspiration for the Vaportini came to her on a trip to Helsinki, where legend has it that it’s tradition to pour alcohol on the hot coals in a sauna and then inhale the vapors created in the air. Palmer was fascinated by the experience and wanted to share it with friends, so she came back to the U.S. and got to work. Over several years and different prototypes, Palmer worked with her engineer father to develop the simple and elegant Vaportini design.

“The Vaportini turns a cocktail into an experience, and without some of the disadvantages that come with drinking alcohol,” continues Palmer. “It provides a virtually calorie-free way to consume spirits, and is great for people who have gastrointestinal problems and trouble digesting alcohol. The experience itself brings something new to the nightlife scene, and avoiding the calories and digestion issues are an added bonus.”

Palmer suggests using liquors with a substantial amount of flavor, such as gin, flavored vodkas, bourbon, barrel aged rum, brandy, or infused liquors. To get the most out of the Vaportini, liquors should be higher than 60 proof. One shot of liquor takes about 4-5 minutes for the vapors to collect in the glass ball. While consuming the alcohol takes a little longer than drinking, the effects are felt very quickly after inhaling.

“It’s an interesting way to consume alcohol because you feel the effects faster but the feeling also wears off quicker than drinking,” explains Palmer. “More than level of intoxication, we are focused on providing an entirely unique way to experience the flavors and nuances of different liquors.”

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