LapTuk Pro Stand

LapTuk Pro Stand

by Yoav
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LapTuk Pro is a must have for laptop users. Thousands of laptop users can now save their desk space while displayed an elegant work station. LapTuk Pro will make organizing desk space even easier. You now can hide your laptop and keyboard under your monitor.

LapTuk Pro comes with 2 compartments, you can tuck in your laptop on top, wireless keyboard or ipad, Wacom in the bottom. It also provides a much needed 4 ports USB2.0 hub complete with an adapter. Like LapTuk, LapTuk Pro displays the same elegant design, matching aluminum color, sturdy support.

● Elegant design.
● Two compartments for laptop and wireless keyboard.
● Four-port USB2.0 hub with adapter.
● Sturdy support of solid steel.
● Perfect for any size of Apple Display, and LCD up to 35 pounds.
● Great accessory for PowerBook, MacBook 13" and MacBook Pro 13", 15". and 17".
● Open access to most ports* and drive slot.
● Hot air relief opening in the back.
● Aluminum color.

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