Edgertronic: The First Affordable High Speed Video Camera

Edgertronic: The First Affordable High Speed Video Camera

by Yoav
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Are you frustrated that access to professional grade, high-speed video cameras is limited to big budget shows on the Discovery Channel? Do you dream of having the frame rate and resolution of a truly professional camera sitting on your tripod? Edgertronic has created an easy-to-use system that rivals the quality of high-priced cameras at a fraction of the cost.

Mike Matter started this project for one simple reason: There are no low-cost high-speed video cameras that offer the video quality that professional photographers demand. Since Mike first modified a low-cost strobe flash in 1975, he's been pursuing his passion for low-cost, high-speed photography. He's been frustrated by ridiculously expensive rentals (thousands of dollars per day) of medium quality, high-speed cameras that are bulky and complex to use. In 2011, they set out to solve these problems, and now they are ready to show it to the world.

The edgertronic contains a specialized CMOS image sensor, ultra high-speed electronics, memory, and image processing electronics in a compact form factor.

The camera runs a web server and connects to a computer/laptop or to a LAN over Ethernet. The user directs a standard web browser to the camera’s IP address and controls the camera via a user interface (UI) appearing on the web browser. The camera’s UI allows the user to set exposure, frame rate, preview composition, adjust focus, and finally trigger the camera to take a high-speed video.

While running, the edgertronic is constantly capturing frames of high-speed video into an internal buffer. Depending on frame size and frame rate, this buffer contains, at a minimum, the last 8 seconds of video. When a trigger occurs, video before and/or after the trigger is captured and compressed into H.264 video and saved to a removable SD card.

Continuous capture into a this large buffer allows the user to trigger the edgertronic even after an event has occurred. Unpredictable events, like a lightning bolt, are captured with ease.

Once the video is saved, it can be downloaded to the computer, or replayed in the web browser. Alternately, you can remove the SD card and download the videos to their computer or laptop.

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