Rollo Dog Collar

Rollo Dog Collar

by Yoav
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Rollo is a collaboration between co-founders Tony Lord and Sid Fohrman, and award winning design consultancy, INDUSTRY. Brought together by a shared passion for the concept of The Rollo, these teams worked to translate a brilliant idea into an innovative, beautiful product that pushes the boundaries of traditional collar and leash design.

The Rollo is a versatile dog collar with an integrated, retractable leash mechanism. The Rollo offers newfound freedom to dogs and their owners by turning the traditional two-part leash and collar process into an efficient, one-part system. The Rollo provides dogs and owners with convenience, versatility, and both freedom and control, and has received official endorsement by world renowned dog behaviorist, Cesar Millan.

The patent pending Rollo collar introduces a product never before realized in the dog collar/leash category. The Rollo team recognized the huge opportunity to integrate the leash and the collar into one system that is easy to use and provides freedom for you and your pet. Rollo is designed to be worn as the dog’s everyday collar and functions intuitively; the user simply grabs the magnetically attached handle and the leash automatically retracts from the patented mechanism housed within the collar.

The leash is adjustable, extending up to 4.5 feet with a locking feature, which allows users to select a length well suited for their dog and environment. The Rollo is molded from sleek and comfortable soft-touch rubber, which is waterproof, weatherproof and highly durable.

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