The Fashion Anchor

The Fashion Anchor

by Yoav
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Created in September 2012, The Fashion Anchor delivers a useful and innovative alternative to the plastic, metal and magnetic collar stays found in today’s department stores. Though it would be great, their aim is not to replace or take over the traditional collar stay market, but instead to provide an exceptional alternative to those traditional methods.

Fashion Anchor hopes that the quality and usefulness of their product will speak for itself while they try to carve out a niche of loyal customers and attempt to educate the consumer on their simple, yet effective method to keep our collars under control.

Encouraged by the gratitude of their customers and powered by the influence of social media, Fashion Anchor has now been sold in over 20 different countries worldwide.

With a Tie
When wearing a tie, place the Anchors at the point of the collar. This gives your collar a very natural lay around the knot, unlike metal collar stays which can look stiff and unnatural.

Without a Tie
The most unique aspect of the fashion anchor is its ability to prop your collar up in a way that no other stays on the market can compete with. Great when wearing a blazer.

Casual Shirts
One of the great benefits of the fashion anchor is that it also works on those pesky polo shirt collars that seem to have a mind of their own – flopping out of place and curling at the edges.

Hidden Button
You like an open collar but don’t want to look like John Travolta? Using the Anchor as a hidden button provides an easy solution to achieve that perfect amount of freedom you desire.

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