EasyBloom Plant Sensor

EasyBloom Plant Sensor

by Yoav
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The EasyBloom Plant Sensor Plus gives a "plant's-eye" view of your garden or home – telling you what plants to grow or what's wrong with a sick plant. Patented technology recommends the right plant, flower, vegetable, tree, shrub or vine, for inside or outside. Stop wasting money and time on plants that aren't right for your environment--know what to grow, right from the start. The reusable EasyBloom Plant Sensor Plus uses patent-protected sensors to measure sunlight, temperature, soil moisture and soil fertility.

Soil fertility is a new feature with the EasyBloom Plus and requires a subscription. Use EasyBloom indoors or outdoors. Plug EasyBloom into the USB port on your MAC or PC, and your environment will be analyzed by our Plant Doctor Algorithms to recommend plants, or assess the health of your plant. Use the EasyBloom Plant Sensor over and over again, season after season, to help care for your plants and decide what to plant. EasyBloom's web site gives you Plant Doctor advice on any sick plants. EasyBloom will tell you whether your plant needs water, light or fertilizer. (Subscription required to use fertilizer functionality).

Also, get access to the EasyBloom 6,000+ Plant Library with information on when to plant, how to grow any plant, and plant care tips on everything from Azalea to Zinnias. EasyBloom gives you expert help in the palm of your hand. EasyBloom only works in the United States, and requires a PC or Mac and an internet connection.

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