Fiber Flare Light Sticks

Fiber Flare Light Sticks

by Yoav
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Fibre Flare safety lighting products are used in many markets and applications around the world including Cycling, Motorcycle/Automotive, Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Adventure Sports, Vision Impaired, Military and Occupational Health & Safety (Including Mining & Construction). Many call Fibre Flare a Bike Light, it is and much more!

Fibre Flare technology uses high intensity LED's to illuminate a flexible fibre optic core that lights up all around in every direction (Omni-Directional), whilst being capable of being seen at distances over 300 meters. Fibre Flare is a new take on traditional LED personal marker lights & LED bike lights (which are traditionally uni-directional ie: visible in one single direction using raw LED's as the primary light source).

It is amazingly versatile when it comes to mounting options. Most Fibre Flare products have integrated utility clips at either end that can be used to fasten to almost anything. As the utility clips are opposing and the fibre optic core flexible mounting options are vast! Versatile design allows this product to be mounted on seatposts, chainstays, bags or clothing.

● Ultra bright flexible fibre optic core
● Omni-directional visibility - boost your visibility
● Upto 20 times more illuminated surface area then regular rear lights
● Strobe or constant mode
● Use almost anywhere: bike frame, bike jersey, backpack etc.
● Visible over 300 metres (over 1000 feet)
● 75hrs burntime (flashing mode) using 2 x AAA batteries
● ilicone slings for frame attachment are included k 180 degree + visability

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