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Pinion Watch

by Yoav
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Pinion, a newly established watch company based in South Oxfordshire, England will be making it’s debut at the renowned fine watch exhibition, SalonQP with the release of it’s first watch collection, called ‘Axis’.

Signifying the origin for the companies first venture into fine watches, the Pinion Axis collection will be based around a single classic watch design which will then be presented in a number of different treatments and materials, some of which will be on display at the SalonQP exhibition.

Having been designed in England, the watches will be made to the very highest standards and built from a combination of English and Swiss bespoke made parts. Beating at the heart of each watch will be an automatic ETA movement, whilst case finishing, coating, watch assembly and testing will be completed in England.

Each Axis will be fitted with a high quality handmade leather strap and the whole package will be presented in a finely made leather wallet.

Sized at 42mm in diameter, the Pinion Axis will evoke design simplicity, high legibility and hard-wearing robustness for exceptional uses and will retail from £1,995.

Customers will be able to order watches exclusively at from November 2013, with initial orders being delivered early in 2014.

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