Campagna T-Rex 16S

Campagna T-Rex 16S

by Yoav
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Experience the power of the BMW 1600cc in-line 6-cylinder engine and the handling of this low center of gravity and sport oriented T-REX. Enjoy the electrifying ride and the comfort of this three wheel formula inspired car. With exotic and unique looks, this T-REX 16S will provide you with the excitement of the ultimate driving experience.

Powered by the in-line 6 cylinder engine from BMW, the T-REX 16S has all the power to make you experience the ultimate ride. A precise mapping system delivers a responsive low rpm torque for smooth or brisk acceleration. This makes the T-REX 16S one of the most fun and exciting drive.

What good is power without control. That is just what you get from the incredible handling and electronic controls of the engine and other equipement. The T-REX 16S puts you in control of things, all the time.

Ergonomics and comfort have always been prime objectives in the design of these masterpieces. Very often performance driving comes with heavy compromises as far as day to day drivability and comfort. Campagna has thoroughly studied the ergonomics of driving and came up with a comfortable and efficient driving environment. Don't wait, try it!

Thinking outside the box when designing a three-wheeled side by side vehicle is not an option, it is a mission. Some of the original design assignments were to build a unique and exclusive vehicle. These were expressively chosen for Unique and Exclusive customers.

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