Panasonic LUMIX GM1 Digital Camera

Panasonic LUMIX GM1 Digital Camera

by Yoav
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Panasonic's LUMIX GM1 design is reminiscent of the iconic and stylish rangefinder cameras of the past. Yet under its magnesium alloy frame lays the modern performance features that satisfy today's trend-sensitive camera enthusiasts. Every exterior part is designed to exacting detail, giving the GM1 its sleek, stylish look and feel, while a modern micro technology compact size makes it the perfect choice to take with you anywhere.

A light weight polished magnesium alloy frame encases the critical electronics and assures lasting durability for the LUMIX GM1. All exterior dials, buttons and lever components have been crafted of aluminum and thoughtfully placed for convenient operation.

LUMIX GM1 boasts an outstandingly compact profile which was made possible through years of ingenious Panasonic LUMIX G Series camera inventions for downsizing. Owning an interchangeable lens camera used to mean carrying around an unfashionable bulky camera. But because of LUMIX micro technology, the GM1 retains a large camera sensor, and makes possible a new micro sized 12-32mm lens with built in optical stabilization. The LUMIX GM1 micro technology delivers both high quality picture and Full HD video recording in one system, making it perfect for hybrid image capture.

Unwire your creativity with the LUMIX Image App and connect your Smartphone or tablet to the LUMIX GM1. Shoot and view remotely, instantly transfer to another device or your social networks, and even geotag your photos using your Smartphones GPS. The iconic and stylish LUMIX GM1 is changing photography like no other camera today.

● Timeless iconic design meets modern micro tech
● Encased in reinforced metallic alloy
● Large sensor size leading to cutting edge hybrid quality performance
● WiFi connectivity for instant online sharing

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