Ultra-Thin Stainless Steel Camp Stove

Ultra-Thin Stainless Steel Camp Stove

by Yoav
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While on his annual solo walkabout in the wilderness of northern Minnesota, the founder of this portable cook stove was concerned with the environmental impact of using gas. He developed a model that runs on the renewable fuels of wood and alcohol, which also burns in subzero temperatures for winter camping excursions.

The four pieces that make up the stove are laser cut from stainless steel by a small, women-owned business in Minnesota. The blanks are then formed, riveted and packaged a few hours north. Lightweight and extremely efficient, the stove can be assembled in a matter of seconds. Its secure base holds everything from a Sierra cup to a two-quart pot. The average time for boiling a quart of water at 50 °F is five minutes using wood and just under 10 minutes using alcohol – just enough time to ready those marshmallow sticks.

Once the stove is assembled, light the wood as you would a campfire or bring a flame to the top of the alcohol canister. Depending on wind direction, you can rotate the stove for maximum protection since the firebox doubles as a windscreen. Sticks can be added when using wood without having to remove your pot from the fire.

When dismantled (push on the side for the cylinder to unroll and come apart) the stove reduces to a tenth its size. The individual pieces nest together and take the shape of a sleeping pad for easy storage and transport. Assembly slightly modified depending on fuel method.

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