The Sub from Heineken

The Sub from Heineken

by Yoav
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Heineken last night unveiled The Sub, its latest innovation for the fast growing at-home beer market. The Heineken branded THE SUB is a sleek, stylish draught beer lifestyle appliance that has been created in collaboration with Heineken, award winning designer Marc Newson and consumer technology experts Krups.

The Sub taps into the urban consumers' increasing desire to enjoy a premium draught beer experience in their own home. With the machine comes The Torp, a brand new 2 litre keg which completes the system enabling consumers to pour perfect quality, super chilled beers.

The Sub will be rolled out across a number of markets in 2014, starting with France and Italy. It will be sold with Marc Newson designed optional extras including a full serving case, glassware, mats and a skimmer. This will enable consumers to create the quality pour that Heineken's brands are known for with a small group of friends or family, in the comfort of their own home.

The Sub will be supported by a digital platform which will allow consumers to discover the concept, and ultimately shop online for an assortment of world beers from Heineken's portfolio. They will discover new brands, and enjoy the convenience to have them delivered directly at home.

The first brands to be available will include Heineken, Affligem, Desperados, Birra Moretti Baffo d'Oro, with many more to come. In addition The Sub will also offer seasonal beers.

François-Xavier Mahot, Senior Director Global Innovation at Heineken, said, "The urban, at-home market is one of the fastest growing beer segments. Consumers want to create the high-end experience that they associate with the Heineken brand at home, from the appliance through to the pour of a perfect draught beer. And they also want the convenience of trying a variety of beers. The Sub is an innovation that delivers this and more."

Marc Newson, designer, said, "My collaboration with Heineken and Krups has been a very enjoyable one. It's always rewarding when you get to work with experts, and are able to turn the nuts and bolts of a machine into an innovation that will be admired for its design look as well as its functionality. The Sub will fit in comfortably to anyone's home - it has a compact size and a sleek design. "

Renaud GEY, Vice president Partnerships at Groupe SEB, said, "We have been in partnership with Heineken for ten years under the KRUPS brand, working with the design and innovation teams to create a system that will offer to our consumers a high quality beer experience to be enjoyed at home. The Sub is the next generation appliance from the Beer Tender system, which we have created for Heineken. We have captured the learnings of Beer Tender, and we have produced The Sub, a breakthrough innovation that delivers ultimate quality."

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