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Moke International

by Yoav
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The feeling, the excitement of a holiday, where adventure waits to be unwrapped in hours of sunshine explored with laughter and a digital camera. Dreams of an unknown land made into a reality, authentic to the core with aromas of native cuisine, friendly smiles and a landscape all fused together the rich colours of customs.

Etch these memories with an icon that was born out of passion, add the authenticity to the holiday. Experience it all in a MOKE – start having fun! Born as a sister to the famous Mini, MOKE has stayed true to it’s original design with only the introduction of comfort to the interior and technology to the engine. MOKE is the unique option, its in a class lead by recreation, pleasure and enjoyment!

Throughout the 70’s and 80’s the Moke was considered the car with the stress free lifestyle - with the attitude of no doors, no roof, no worries! Many people worldwide will have memories of driving a Moke on their holidays, honeymoon or while travelling to exotic parts of the Globe - all fun!

It’s a car that is familiar around the world and has no other in its class, and now - 20 years after the last Moke rolled off the assembly line in Portugal - Moke International with the assistance of Chery Motors and their subsidiary, Sicar Engineering have agreed to bring the Moke back to the 21st century for engineering and reliability.
Chery Motors is the seventh largest China based auto manufacturer and produced over 600,000 units last year as well as being China’s top auto exporter.

Designed by International Award winning designer Michael Young (MY) of Hong Kong, the new ‘Classic’ Moke still boasts all of its old features but has been re-engineered to comply with modern performance and safety standards.
The new features include but are not limited to, modern suspension and technology, 9” front disc brakes, a new improved fuel injected engine that will be available in automatic and manual transmission, engine suspension, steering and brake systems and 3-point seat harnesses for front and rear seats.

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