HIPP Titanium: The Hip Flask Reborn in Titanium

HIPP Titanium: The Hip Flask Reborn in Titanium

by Yoav
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The HIPP Titanium Flask is a revolutionary new design for connoisseurs of fine beverages who demand to enjoy their favourite beverages even while on the go. The classic gentleman’s accessory has been upgraded for the 21st century and available though Kickstarter. HIPP Titanium's £10,000 goal has already be met with 44 days left to. So if you already backed the project or plan to back it in the near future, you soon will have your very own.

“While hiking in the glorious English countryside on a cold winter’s afternoon, I pulled out my stainless steel hip flask for a heart-warming beverage. To my disappointment, the whiskey had acquired a faint metallic taste which completely put me off. At that very moment, I started to wonder about a better way to preserve the taste of my beverage for longer periods. It wasn't until several weeks later through research that I discovered the solution was simple – Titanium.”, Andrea Alli

Chosen for its purity, Titanium will not taint the taste of drinks - something which often occurs, especially with stainless steel flasks. The metal will not corrode, is also non-allergenic and by its very nature, will last a lifetime.

Offered in 2 sizes, 6oz and 4oz, the HIPP Titanium flasks are incredibly light with the 6oz and 4oz weighing just 150g and 110g respectively. And at only £65 for the 6oz flask and £60 for the 4oz they are economically priced compared with the leading brands of similar quality.

This unique titanium hip flask is beautifully designed, fabricated throughout with Food grade GR1 titanium and features an innovative addition - a colourful silicone sleeve. Not only does this add a modern edge to the flask, it allows the user to maintain a firm hold of the flask and doubles as a wallet for cash, credit card and ID. Indeed, the HIPP Titanium could very well become the next big fashion accessory!

Andrea Alli and Bojan Smiljanic, are the team behind HIPP Titanium and giving the public the opportunity to back this innovative project through Kickstarter - a new way to fund independent creative projects where members of the public can make pledges from as little as £1.

A range of rewards are available for those choosing to back the HIPP Titanium. Details of rewards and how to make pledges are available on the HIPP Titanium Kickstarter page. With their intended goal already met, you can be sure to receive your very own HIPP Titanium Flask.

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