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Singing Machine, one of the first companies to bring karaoke into American homes, has announced the Singing Machine Home, an elegant speaker that pumps out room-filling sound and wirelessly connects to any Bluetooth-enabled device including smartphones, tablets, laptops and more. When the mood is right, Home turns into turns into an on-demand, Wi-Fi-enabled karaoke machine. It plugs into your TV via HDMI and connects to the cloud wirelessly. With one click, you have instant access to Singing Machine Play, a platform that streams more than 8,000 HD karaoke music videos.

Singing Machine Home comes with a hybrid Mic-Remote that makes it easy to navigate the Play platform on your TV to queue up a playlist and even pick avatars for you and your friends so that you know when it’s your turn to sing. Singing Machine Home allows you to fully experience your music, whether you are listening to a classical mix on a lazy Sunday afternoon or belting your favorite jam into the mic on Friday night with friends.

“With the Singing Machine Home, we’ve created a sleek Bluetooth speaker and karaoke machine in one that earns its place as a centerpiece in your home,” says Singing Machine CEO Gary Atkinson. “This is the first karaoke machine to have a truly streamlined, grown-up style and versatile technology so that it is used every day. The Home is about experiencing music, delivering great sound and creating fun memories with friends and family.”

Founded more than 30 years ago, the Singing Machine company has sold millions of karaoke machines, evolving as music technology changed from cassettes to digital audio files. Now, with the Home, the company is breaking preconceived notions of what karaoke machines should look like and is turning the industry on its head.

“At-home karaoke is still wildly popular but many companies in our industry are slow to change. The latest models are big and boxy with lots of knobs, and get put in the basement or a closet when they’re not being used. Access to music has also been a major challenge, with machine owners needing to buy tons of CDs or download individual karaoke songs for a dollar each just to make a playlist,” says Atkinson. “Home solves these problems with its modern design, simple set up, access to one of the world’s largest libraries of karaoke videos, and versatility so it can be used every day. On top of that, we’ve integrated the latest Bluetooth, streaming, Wi-Fi and cloud-based technology because we know this is how people want to interact with their devices today.”

Soulful Wireless Audio
Designed with carefully engineered acoustics, Singing Machine Home is packed with 2.1 omnidirectional sound, two tweeters and a pumping subwoofer for a full range of superior high and low notes. Home easily fills any room with sound and makes sharing your music simple. It connects to any Bluetooth-enabled device to play your music whether you stream from Pandora or Spotify, or have your own curated collection of songs. Plus with a range up to 33 feet, you can roam the room with your smartphone, tablet or MP3 player, and play DJ without needing to walk back to the speaker to control your music. The speaker’s minimalistic yet distinctive design includes a reflective bottom cabinet that mirrors its surroundings, making it fit perfectly into any interior.

Mega Karaoke Library
When it’s time to turn up the fun, Home is ready. Plugged into your TV, Home connects to Singing Machine Play via Wi-Fi and transforms into a searchable vault of your favorite karaoke videos. Powered by The KARAOKE Channel (owned by the Stingray Digital Media Group), Play offers one of the largest, licensed, libraries of HD karaoke videos in the world with more than 8,000 videos hosted in the cloud. Three subscription levels provide convenient, affordable options to meet your streaming needs whether you want access for an impromptu party or your weekly karaoke night. A free trial lets you try before subscribing.

Intelligent Wireless Mic-Remote
Singing Machine Home comes with a wireless microphone that works double-time as a remote to browse or search Play’s karaoke library by artist, song, decade or popularity. The smart mic has auto mute and unmute functionality, and allows you to select songs in advance to queue up a video playlist. You can also select your own avatar to see who is up next. Home will play from day to night without interruption; no music management required. When the party is over, Home stays put, and is your wireless speaker again.

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