Drive and Fly all in the Same Seat with SkyRunner

Drive and Fly all in the Same Seat with SkyRunner

by Yoav
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SkyRunner is part all-terrain vehicle, part light-sport aircraft. It's described as the next generation in radical, light-sport aircraft and is designed to make aviation simple, accessible and fun. If you're looking for something that nobody has, the SkyRunner is you best bet!

Weighing in at 926lbs and with an acceleration of 62mph in just 4.3 seconds and a top speed of 115mph. The SkyRunner comes at a whopping price of $120,000. Using the latest reflex paraglider wing technology, SkyRunner can reach air speeds of 55mph, a flight distance of 200 nautical miles, and easily reach the FAA-limited service ceiling of 10,000 ft AGL. Non-pilots can easily be trained on the SkyRunner for their sports pilot license in just days with the assistance of a certified flight instructor.

SkyRunner is not limited to the adventurist or recreational enthusiast. There are many business and governmental applications, which have a demand for reliable, lower-cost, aviation assets. This includes large landowners, ranchers, farmers, pipeline companies, emergency medical teams, film, media, aerial survey companies, bush pilots, border security, police, military and search & rescue.

Weight: 926lbs (420kg) excluding driver
Engine Type: 1.0ltr EcoBoost Direct Injection Turbo
Power: 125PS (92kW) @ 6000rpm
Torque (ground): 147.5lbs/ft (200Nm) @ 1400-4500rpm
0-100kph (0-62mph): 4.3 seconds
Max. Road Speed: 115mph (185kph)
Take Off Speed: 37mph (59.5kph)
Air Cruise Speed 35mph (56.3kph)
Max Air Speed: 55mph (88.5kph)
Max. Altitude (FAA Reg.): 10,000ft
Max. Altitude: 15,000ft
Fuel Capacity: 35 litres
Range: 200miles (321.8km)

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