JD Sound Portable DJ Kit

JD Sound Portable DJ Kit

by Yoav
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Monster GODJ is a professional Portable Disc Jockey that DJs use in clubs. You can control Monster GODJ with 100% full touch based UI in dual LCD displays. You can also, mix tracks with central knobs placed between two LCD displays. With this Portable DJ device you can have full functionality of professional DJ Turntable, such as player, mixer and effecter functionality. Monster GODJ has all the functionality of DJ Turntable such as equalizer as well as effecter.

The most important thing of Monster GODJ is the user interface and this Monster GODJ has volume controls and equalizer controls which professional DJs must have. You can be a professional DJ in a minute with our Monster GODJ.

To turn the Portable DJ Mixer on, press the power button located at the right side for 1 second. If the internal battery is low, then charge the power using the attached AC power adapter.

The Portable DJ Mixer has six screens, each showing different functions and each connected horizontally. To change the displayed screen, swipe the lower area. Touch a turntable icon located at the top left corner of each screen to go back to the turntable screen directly.

Connect the Portable DJ Mixer with a PC using the USB cable, and enable USB storage mode at the SYSTEM tab on the Option screen. When the PC connection is established, the PC will recognize four external drives.

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