Campfire Cologne

Campfire Cologne

by Yoav
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When we were young, there was just one thing we wanted to be. We wanted to be . . . lumberjacks! Leaping from tree to tree. The Larch. The Pine. Etc. But now we're stuck working behind desks. Everything smells antiseptic; nothing smells like the great outdoors. Nothing smells like the peace-inducing campfire, where you and your lumberjack friends take off your high heeled shoes and recount the adventures of the day. Until now! Time to bring the campfire inside (the smell, at least), with Campfire Cologne.

Campfire Cologne is not a perfume or a lotion or anything like that. No, it's a box of sticks (cedar sticks, to be precise). What do you do? Easy, light one on fire, blow it out real quick, and let the smoke (and the delicious smell) take you away to a campfire from your past. Relax, as the aroma winds around you, collects on your hair and clothes, and soothes your tortured soul. Campfire Cologne: rugged, good looking, and smells nice - just like you.

● Smell like the great outdoors . . . on fire.
● Includes: beautiful box, 20 sticks of cedar, relaxation.
● Fire not included - but you know how to make that.
● Box Dimensions: approx. 5.8" x 3.8" x 1.6"

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