Ignis Radiant Stove by Julien Bergignat

Ignis Radiant Stove by Julien Bergignat

by Yoav
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Ignis is a Latin word meaning "spirit" and it is the spirit of fire that we have to transpose into a warm object. Beyond lighting and heating, it proposes a more dreamlike use, conducive to contemplation and interacts with the viewer.

Ignis is a radiant stove, wanting revisit the place of fire inside the habitat. It offers an innovative design and is integrates it into warm life scenarios, and provides a scattering light, efficient, functional and emotional. Its intuitive use gives it a leading role in the development of rituals, as a storage for fire, a meeting point and a relaxation place. It can be used in a frontal configuration or as center part. Finally, his second skin allows it to distribute heat more gently.

Ignis acts as a filter of the light emitted by the fire, he then transcribed into a kind light protest. By delicate play of shadow and light its facade was designed as a living wall. It transposes the fire in a gradient of yellowish glow, sometimes vermilion, with fire sparks suspended in the air. The light is more or less diffuse, flickering and brief.

Ignis steps forward as a true piece of furniture. As such it will shape the space as a main element, a module or a junction unit. Ignis is a volume with clear lines, a balance between minimalism and maximalism. Its sleek design has been especially studied to adapt to a variety of indoor environments and give a special note to the habitat.

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