MiiR Growler

MiiR Growler

by Yoav
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MiiR is offering craft beer lovers and cold brew coffee fanatics the opportunity to purchase in advance its new Growler with their crowdfunding campaign set to run through November 30th. Offered in black, blue and stainless, the 64 oz. BPA-free stainless steel MiiR Growler is a sleek and simple, yet meticulously designed beverage vessel that also gives back to those in need. Each Growler purchased provides one person with clean drinking water.

The half gallon Growler is the ideal size for filling up with beer, coffee, hot soup, etc. and heading out for a day of adventure. With MiiR’s double wall vacuum insulation technology, the Growler is perfect for keeping your cold liquids chilled for 24+ hours and your hot liquids hot for 12 hours. The BPA-free stainless steel lid features a unique threadless design, eliminating grime build up typically experienced with standard threaded growler lids.

Additionally, its flip top feature prevents carbonation leakage and keeps beverages fresher. Featuring MiiR’s Hardshell Technology, the Growler’s hardshell powder coating processbonds paint to steel to create a hard finish, increasing its durability and making it dishwasher safe. Plus, its cool texture adds dimension to a classic growler design.

In keeping with the MiiR corporate sustainable giving platform, each Growler provides one person with clean drinking water in underserved countries and comes with a tracking bracelet and printed identification number. Your personal identification number can be entered into the MiiR tracking system online at www.miir.com/impact, allowing you to see which project you helped fund, complete with interactive maps, photos and testimonials from the water project site.

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