Sage Cycles Launches 2014 Lineup

Sage Cycles Launches 2014 Lineup

by Yoav
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Sage Cycles, handcrafted designer and Made in America manufacturer of titanium bicycles, has announced its 2014 lineup featuring cyclocross and road models, according to David Rosen, founder of Portland, OR-based Sage Cycles.

“Sage Cycles is freedom to explore. Innovation, individuality and experience are at the heart of our hand assembled bicycles,” said Rosen, who founded Sage Cycles in 2012. “Stronger and lighter, the titanium frame gives your ride a level of comfort and responsiveness unlike any other and offered to our customers at attractive price points that today set the bar for full titanium bicycles in North America.”

Sage Cycles 2014 lineup features the Skyline road bike, available in five model configurations ranging from $3,800 to $10,500 featuring mechanical and electronic drivetrains and the PDXCX cyclocross bike available in three models priced from $4,200 to $6,700. A hardtail mountain bike will be offered in late summer 2014.

Sage Cycles focuses on the quality of the bike and the ride — beginning with the company’s 6 point Quality Control Inspection process which is performed on every frame that is supplied to dealers. Each frame is made from 3/2.5 Aerospace Grade, Sport Certified Titanium Tubing and is meticulously checked for alignment tolerances and overall weld quality. After the frame has passed inspection, Sage personally head badge and decal each bicycle.

“Our frames are designed to be comfortable over long distances, yet snappy enough to race whenever the need may arise,” Rosen said. "Our geometry and ride characteristics have been refined and honed to a fine point so that the rider does not have to think about how the bike rides — they can just enjoy the ride. We are riding enthusiasts and racers ourselves and the bikes are made for riders like us.”

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