Alubooyah Fat Bike by Boo Bicycles

Alubooyah Fat Bike by Boo Bicycles

by Yoav
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Do you want to crush everything in your path, and do it in style? The new Alubooyah is the ticket. A monster truck of bicycles, Boo’s newest model is meant to cover ground that no other bike can.

The Alubooyah takes the best design and engineering elements from other fat bikes on the market and then injects the supple stiffness of bamboo to make something entirely new! Having ridden everyone else’s fat bike in the last year, Boo Bicycles has taken to heart the strengths of each. The Alubooyah is the pinnacle of Fat.

Why bamboo, you ask? It’s stiffer than aluminum, and absorbs shock four times better than carbon fiber. That means that you get a frame that feels more “planted” than anything else on the market, but doesn’t shudder when pushed to the brink. And it will make all of your “look-at-me” friends take a look at you.

With 170mm rear axle spacing, you can run a myriad of different companies’ hubs without worrying about being beholden to a small number making the 190, or futzing with special offset funky wheels and small tire clearance with a 135. And no, they're not using a thru-axle. That is only important with suspension, and they don’t think fat bikes should have suspension. Just get a bigger tire.

Speaking of bigger tires, you can squeeze a full 4.8” tire in this baby! Boo Bicycles recommends doing so with a 65mm or 82mm rim, not a 100mm, because you won’t be able to use a couple of your easiest gears AND you’ll find 99% of the benefit without a lot of the weight. The Marge Lite / Bud / Lou combination is Boo Bicycles personal favorite. Inquire about getting them setup tubeless for lower rolling resistance and better protection from summer goat heads.

Boo Bicycles is crafting their own matching, tapered alloy forks for the Alubooyah. That means they’ll not only match, with all aluminum parts being brushed and gorgeous, they’ll be super lightweight and stiff for tracking through demanding conditions. Or thrashing in your backyard and endo-ing.

The forks will feature an offset and axle-to-crown length that is suited to fast riding. That way, if you run the largest tires possible, you won’t feel like you’re piloting a sled like with some other fatties on the market. This bike will feel fast, even when you’re pushing through five inches of fresh powder.

You want to run fenders? Panniers? Front bottles or Hold Anything mounts? Flask(s)? Well don’t worry, there are mounts galore! These bikes build on the versatility they pioneered in the Aluboo, and we know you’ll have your own devilish ways of riding the Alubooyah where no (wo)man has ventured before.

A massive downtube gusset, with a gorgeous hand-laid bead, and a clean-and-stiff Press Fit 121 BB will ensure that your Alubooyah can take a beating. Whether you can survive that same gauntlet, well….that’s something else entirely.

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